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Mizz Scarlett

The Woman Of Your Worthless Wet Dreams!!!

30 August
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I am the beautiful Mizz Scarlett. I am a perfect southern belle, I get my jollies out of manipulating men into and out of everything I desire. You will beg to spend every dime you have on me! I deserve to be spoiled, pampered, and treated like the perfect southern princess I am, and YOU are going to keep me in the lifestyle I want. Let me be completely clear! You are nothing to me! If you want to mean something to me you need to spend that money. I do not need you! You may compete amongst yourselves for my favor. If, however unlikely you do manage to keep my attention for more than a fleeting moment. You may be rewarded with my praise. Your only life's goal is to make me happy and the only way you can hope to make me happy is to spend every dime you make maintaining my very high maintenance life style and when you look into your wallet and see it empty knowing you have spent it all on me. You ain't got a snowflake's chance in hell of ever being with me in real life, so you may as well feed your pathetic hopes by paying for my attention. You little piece of shit may only beg for the chance to gain my fleeting amusement!